Everything you need to Plan, Build and Thrive in your Tiny Home! 
Tiny Homeowners are a new breed of homeowner.
They are resourceful, independent and mortgage free.
Tiny Homeowners believe they can build their own homes
and that a "30 year mortgage" is a swear word.
Tiny Homeowners choose to value time over square footage
and life experience over "the status quo."
Tiny Homeowners love to take on challenges they've never attempted and succeed!
Tiny Homeowners are Changing the World.
  •  30 foot triple axle trailer 
  •  416 Total Square Feet 
  •  240sq ft Main Floor + 176sq ft Lofts
  •  28 foot triple axle trailer
  •  368 Total Square Feet
  •  224sq ft Main Floor + 144sq ft Lofts
  •  28 foot triple axle trailer
  •  352 Total Square Feet
  •  224sq ft Main Floor + 128sq ft Lofts
"My spouse and I purchased a tiny home from Midwest Tiny Living and have been in it for a month and we love it. Great floor plan, makes it feel far more spacious than what it really is and the quality of the construction is fantastic. They are also fantastic to work with. We spent a year looking at all the different builders in minnesota and wisconsin and MTL is by far the best."
-Jason Jaques
If you are ready to begin your journey 
know what to do...

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