Note: all tiny house pictures below are homes we built for our amazing clients!
How to get your Tiny House Custom Designed, Financed, and Built from the comfort of your couch
Are you ready to go tiny?
Hey There and Welcome! 

I'm Ryan Ott, 
Licensed Builder and Owner of Midwest Tiny Living. 
If it's alright with you I'm going to do my best to help you go tiny! Are you ready? 

As Steven Covey put  it in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind.” 

Not having a strategy is like deciding to build a house with no idea how big the bathroom is or where you’ll put the kitchen. You can’t just bang some nails into  wood and hope the outcome resembles a habitable dwelling. That's why we have a complete strategy for you. 
We begin with the end... "A Beautiful Home Designed Around You" and worked out all of the details on how to make that happen. 
You have searched the websites and read the blogs. You know you are ready to go tiny. You have a pretty good idea of what your house will look like and now its time to choose a builder.
You need a builder that...
  •  Can Design Your House The Way You Want
  •  Offers Financing for Easy Payments
  •  Has a Custom App To See Your Build Progress
  •  Is Backed By Third Party Certification
  •  Offers Insurance to Protect Your Investment
  •  Has a 90 Day Buy Back Guarantee! 
  •  Has an Easy Way to Get Started
And that's what you get when you choose us! 
Design Your House The Way You Want!
In order for us to offer our lender an exact price for your build we must understand the dimensions, layout, appliances, multitude of materials and all of the details that will be in your amazing new tiny home. We know averages of $2000 to $3000 per trailer foot are pretty common. 

Every lender must have a specific price if they are going to lend the money. So the obvious first step is your investment to develop your plan. You've taken the first step, next is Kimberly. 

You're in Good Hands With Our 
Brilliant Designer Kimberly...

You are moving into a Tiny House and you want it to reflect your style. When you wake up in the morning you want to look around and say "this is the life."

Kimberly understands how to listen to you, your needs, your desires and ask you the right questions to develop your tiny house. You will get a 3D tour of your house so you can see the entire layout before it's built. During your virtual walkthrough you can ask questions, suggest changes and get a real feel for what your beautiful home will look like before the first nail goes in. 

Kimberly will work for weeks to get your tiny house design plan perfect for you!
Can you Imagine What Kimberly Can Design For you?
Financing For Easy Payments
Next on the list is funding. Some of our clients are all set with funding and if you are set, skip this step, but if not read on.
You know you have a FICO credit score over 600 which is the minimum our lender can lend to and you know you can come up with the low 5% down payment for your loan. Once your design plan and pricing contract is all set we will help you submit the necessary documents to the lender. 

Ready to go tiny but don't have all the cash?
No Problem! 

You have the opportunity to finance your build through our tiny house lender. This program is designed specifically for people like you who are ready to buy a tiny house. If you are looking for good rates, terms out to 25 years for a lower payment and fast funding times our lender has them for you! 

Check out these details...
5% Down 
Payment Options
  • 24 Hour Decisions
  • Attractive APR
  • Flexible Loan Terms
  • Choice of Payments
Approval Process
  • Fixed Rates 6% to 15%* (OAC)
  • $20,000 to $100,000 Loans
  • Loan Terms of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years!
  • Minimal Support Documents
$65,000 Tiny House Example
Loan Term - Payments*
  • 10 years - $765
  • 15 years - $587
  • 20 years - $505
  • 25 years - $459
$65,000 Tiny House payment examples (5% down = $3347) *Rates and program are dependent on due diligence and final approval.  Estimates above at 6% APR . These estimates are OAC. Those with lower credit will have higher payments and higher APR | Min 600 FICO required to qualify | Restrictions apply | Minimum 5 year term | Financed amount can include taxes and shipping. 
Won't It Be Great To Get a Tiny House with a payment You CAn Afford?
Custom App To See Your Build in Progress
You have invested in your design plan and Kimberly has spent hours going over every detail and you have taken a 3D walk through to insure you get everything you're dreaming of in your new tiny home. You're loan was approved and funded and now you want to stay up to date with your build.  

Good Communication Is the Best Foundation For a Smooth-Running Building Project

Our Client app gives you a way to be connected to your project
from the web or your phone, no matter where you are. You will be able to track important project details like selections and approvals. You’ll even get notices about new updates and comments via email so you won’t miss a thing. You’ll not only enjoy your home, but you’ll enjoy the process, as we build together.
Get the information you want and experience you’ll love
  •  Organized, 24/7 access to selections, costs, photos, conversation
  •  See the latest real-time updates, photos and other data
  •  Easily share progress photos on Facebook with your friends and family
  •  Email Notifications to provide updates so you are connected during your entire build
  •  Whether via web, mobile, email, or text you can see all of the communications about your home on one screen
Isn't that Program Cool?
Backed By Third Party Certification
You will get an Inspection & Certification from a third-party for your specific Tiny House. 
The NOAH Inspection & Certification guarantees the Tiny House bearing the NOAH SEAL has successfully passed inspection at specific stages of construction for compliance to safety, structure, and energy efficiency standards currently used by the recreational vehicle & home building industries. 

NOAH Inspection & Certification provides the unique distinction & credibility of a third-party inspection of EACH Tiny House.

NOAH Inspection & Certification guarantees the Tiny House bearing the NOAH SEAL has successfully passed inspection at specific stages of construction for compliance to safety, structure, and energy efficiency standards currently used by the recreational vehicle & home building industries.
NOAH inspects YOUR BUILD, not us the builder!
NOAH inspections are performed &/or reviewed by InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors, Engineers, General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers & other professionals as needed.
Safety & 
The NOAH Standard incorporates safety, structural & energy efficiency standards currently used by the Recreational Vehicle AND Home Building industries:
  •  ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  •  NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  •  NEC - National Electrical Code
  •  Structural & Energy Efficiency Guidelines
Third-Party Inspection
NOAH inspects each Tiny House structure at 5 or more - specific phases of construction for compliance to the 
NOAH Standard

  •  Foundation
  •  Trailer & Attachment
  •  Framing & All-Trades (electrical, plumbing & HVAC)
  •  Insulation 
  •  Final Inspection
Truth & Transparency
Each NOAH Certified Tiny House meets safety, structural & energy efficiency standards making the home more suitable for permanent, full-time residential living.

NOAH Inspection & Certification provides the opportunity to build with integrity for the intended desire for occupancy both now & potential usage in the future.
Now That is Comforting Right?
 Insurance to Protect Your Home
Foremost® Insurance Group, a proud member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, announce affordable insurance available to the Tiny House Industry.
Foremost® Insurance Group will accept NOAH Certified Tiny Houses. Affordable insurance to owners of tiny houses will be accomplished utilizing the existing comprehensive Foremost® Travel Trailer Program. They will accept (RVIA) Recreational Vehicle Industry Association and NOAH Certified Tiny Houses ONLY. Foremost® will accept applications for personal-use Tiny Houses built on a foundation or on wheels. Agents will have binding authority to $150,000.00 on new Tiny Houses.
You can never be too safe!
How is this for a Guarantee?
90 Day Buy Back Guarantee!
For 90 days after your stage 5 final inspection you can get back whatever price you paid for your home!
NOAH’s InterNACHI Buy Back Program is a program NOAH Certified Inc. offers to TINY HOUSE BUYERS by way of InterNACHI. 

For buyers who purchase a NOAH Certified tiny home from a NOAH Member Manufacturer, InterNACHI provides the buyback program. NOAH uses only InterNACHI certified professional home inspector members to perform the tiny home inspection. Under the Program, if the inspector misses something the inspector should have identified, InterNACHI will buy your home back for the full price paid for the tiny house.
Are you getting all of this?
Here's What You Get By Working Together With Us...
  You Can Design Your House The Way You Want
  Opportunity For Financing With Monthly Payments
  Access Our Custom App To See Your Build Progress
  Third Party Certification With the NOAH STANDARD
  Easily Get Insurance to Protect Your Investment
  A 90 Day Buy Back Guarantee
How Do You Get Started?
So far,  we have helped multiple single mothers looking to raise their kids in a safe affordable home. Retirement Aged Baby Boomers who want a comfortable space and a main floor bedroom. Newly Weds ready to start their lives with low or no debt.  Single people who just want a nice small space to enjoy. And, couples who are simply tired of their regular house with high expense and constant maintenance. 
Stephanie- Single Mom
Kaylee and Joel - Newly Wed
Lucas - Bachelor Pad
Hi, I'm Stephanie Kubes and this is The Willow Tree.
I decided to go tiny because somebody told me I have to triple my income to get a regular mortgage. I'm a single mom by myself so that just wasn't feasible and so I was determined and this was just an alternative route that I discovered and it has been my dream.
I live here in The Willow Tree with my daughter, she's five years old. I designed the house to really take into consideration the fact that I have a young daughter and that I have two cats and a dog. I designed this house in conjunction and collaboration with Midwest Tiny Living.
"we wish you the best of luck on your tiny journey"
Here's how easy it is to get started...
Finally decide to become part of the tiny house movement by investing in your design plan. You're going to fill out the form below and get your dream started! 

Your design plan is not an extra expense, it is the first step 

It is included with your total home price. However, the only way to get all of the answers you, I and the financing company need to actually build your tiny house, is to design all aspects of it first. Otherwise we are just guessing and nailing boards together and that's a horrible plan. 
Schedule your call with me...
We have worked hard to develop the best program for new tiny house owners. Schedule a 30 minute call with me so I can understand your needs and wants and develop your plan to move forward!
 Over the next few days be ready with pictures, pinterest boards and all the rest of your needs and wants because we are going to do our best to make your dreams come true! 

Email Heather and she will reach out to you to learn more about how we can help you on your tiny journey. email:
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